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Case 1: A Scandal in Saegertown

Congratulations to Max Ravenscroft, Brandon Gauss, Michael DeJohn, Ezra McClymonds, Emily Barr, Thomas Baker, Jameson McIntyre and Xavier Dillinger for solving the case!

Case 1: A Scandal in Saegertown, was the first case of SHS Mysteries. It was meant to be a test, so future cases can go smoothly. If you worked on the first case and have any feedback, please let us know via email to [email protected]

Step 1: The Article

In order to start Case 1, you must first read the article. It reveals that you must go to the Panther Hallway and find the next clue.

SHS Mysteries Case 1: Documents go missing
By Brennen McWright, staff writer

DISCLAIMER: This information is purely fictional. None of these events actually happened, and are all part of the puzzle. Please do not accuse people of actions based on this activity and news story, or the Panther Press will be forced to stop releasing these puzzles. Also, if you find any parts of this puzzle, please keep them in the area you found them. If they are moved, you will not receive your prize.

Saegertown’s Principal Davidson strolled into his office. He sat in his chair and looked around. Then, he saw it. One of his drawers was open, and a folder was missing. He searched the room, but the folder wasn’t there. This is Davidson’s retelling of the events.
The incident occurred on Dec. 17, but information wasn’t released to the Panther Press until yesterday. Davidson said that he had hoped to resolve the issue without releasing information to the press. Davidson also shared that the documents contain important information.
Other than the drawer being open, the only object out of place in Davidson’s office was a Sherlock Holmes book, one of his prized possessions. He dismissed the loss as a misplacement of the book. “I probably left it in the Panther Hallway,” said Davidson, “I like to talk with the students before school.”
Principal Davidson is urgently searching for the file. If you find the documents, please email [email protected] through gmail or the website, and you will receive a reward. Start your search in the Panther Hallway and the website. The person who solves the mystery will receive a prize.

Step 2: The Website

In the Panther Hallway, there is a Sherlock Holmes book (the book Principal Davidson was talking about in the story). There is a bookmark at “A Scandal in Bohemia”. This book becomes important later.

On the website in the archives, there is a photo of Bohemia. If you click on it, it will reveal the message: “Email the woman’s name”. If you email “Irene Adler” (Irene Adler is “The Woman” in Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia) to [email protected], they all get a reply in Morse Code:
.- ... -.- -- .-. -- --- .-.. -. .- .-.
This translates to “Ask Mr Molnar”.

Step 3: The Word

The book is important in this step. If you go back to the bookmarks, there is a message on each (along with a secret code on each. Here’s one: 5x1+4+5x4x4-3+5x2+6-3+3/1=102). The message reads: “Ask about word 39”.

Step 4: The Email

If you ask Mr. Molnar about emotion, you will get a paper with the message “[email protected]”. Email that address and you will get a reply:

You have completed my little puzzle. However, there is still more work to be done if you want to recover your missing documents! If you wish to find the truth and the documents, keep your eye out for more clues. I’ll be leaving bits of information around the school. Make sure to keep your grades up. Also, let me know if my puzzles were too easy, too hard, too boring, or any other feedback. Forward this message to [email protected] to receive your prize. Good luck.

The Masked
Sector 3F


On social media, there is a message from the Saegertown Masked:

Disclaimer: Remember, SHS Mysteries is in no way reflective of a real situation at the school or anywhere else. This is just engaging entertainment for those who like a good mystery.
Hello there. It’s been a while since I was in touch. I hope you’ve missed me. I’ve observed the results of the previous challenge, and I’m extremely proud of the last case's victors for uncovering the secrets of Case 1. However, the quest for your precious documents isn’t over yet. I have made a secret message that may aid you on your quest to solve this case. I’d also check for more clues. Try your best to solve this case. If this case goes well, then we’ll probably do Case 3. Your hunt continues now. Good luck.

The bold letters in the message create the word shift3. If you apply a Caesar Cipher to the code in the message, it decrypts to
On this website, there are three puzzles and the link

The website is still up! Go check it out for yourself! You won't be able to win Case 2, but you can attempt to solve the puzzles.

Puzzle 1 Riddles:
V for Vendetta
Phantom of the Opera
The Face of Another
Email the answer to [email protected], and you will get a reply:
Wear a face mask if you are sick
If you are sick:

Sudoku Solution: 2

Dancing Men Cipher:
Translates to “Word Nine"

Sentence 2, Word Nine in the If you are sick: section is “facemask”. Facemask is the password.

When "facemask" is emailed to [email protected], you will receive a response:
Great job! You solved SHS Mysteries Case 2: World Wide Web. My boss is pleased with your progress. We are an organization dedicated to taking down those who manipulate the grading system and give false grades. Please help us take down this evil.

The Masked
Sector 3F

In addition, you will receive this email:

Hello students. I am Robert Samson, President of the Educational Association of Pupil Standards. We have discovered the actions of a group of masked miscreants who have identified themselves as “The Masked.” They are setting clues around the school, sending students on a wild goose chase! Do not trust these troublemakers. There are many of them, and they are intent on spreading lies about the Educational Association of Pupil Standards. We ask that if you see any of The Masked, let the Association know immediately at [email protected]


Ydlo bo hxbjt

Key: Decrypt

United States: Paragraph 2, Sentence 1, Word 15/ Paragraph 3, Sentence 4, Words 8-12.